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Please fill out the following appearance request form and submit 60 days prior to your event date. Requests will be filled if at all possible, but due to other obligations some requests may not be filled. For more information including pricing and availability, email info@komets.com or call (260) 483-0011.

Requests can also be submitted in writing or fax with specific details and information pertaining to the event. Information must include date, time, location, number of participants and the capacity in which the player(s) is being requested for.

Player and Mascot appearance fees vary by the number requested to attend and are based on a 60 minute appearance.

Payment must be received at least ONE (1) week prior to the appearance.

Charitable requests are accepted and are based on availability.

To request an appearance by a Komet Player or by Icy D. Eagle, please fill out the application below: